People Are More Important Than Beliefs

The following is a post by Helen Stringer, who runs Kansas City Oasis.  Helen and Mike Aus (the man who runs Houston Oasis) have agreed to become contributors to this blog where they will write about community building.  Give Helen a big welcome!  ~ JT My husband and I bought our first home near a [Read More...]

Atheists who were not the cream of the crop

Bored with Christianity, I’ve been poking around Muslim channels, curious as to what they’re saying. I always love the anecdotes where the religious person talks to atheists. This commenter discusses what’s basically a mini textual Muslim Chick tract. [Read more...]

Dictionary Atheism

I’ve been reading about some frustration regarding what some would call “dictionary atheism”. I am one of those that they might call a dictionary atheist, and I’d like to share my thoughts. [Read more...]

Another Article About Atheists

This time, it’s from The Atlantic, and the author Crispin Sartwell, titled “Irrational Atheism” It’s almost a law of physics. Any article that criticizes atheism must make up a bunch things to rail against. [Read more...]

Moral Frameworks 2: Verbose Stoic’s Comments (Warning: 5364.33 words)

Why go out and drink on a Friday night when you can stay home and read more about philosophical abstractions of morality? [Read more...]

The Week in Review – Law and Atheism 11/08/2012

Here’s my roundup of legal machinations over the past week. No, I haven’t listed everything, and yes, I may have missed something important. Please leave comments on other events involving the law and secularism that you consider noteworthy. Freedom From Religion Foundation Despite the IRS suspension of egregious political activity by 501(c)(3) tax-exempt religions organizations, [Read More...]