I’m a Sinner

My local grocery store has a stand where also-local businesses can put their brochures. Most of the brochures are professionally printed, large and colorful. Then, one day, I looked over and saw this small, bland brochure barely peeping over the rim of the shelf. All I could see is “If you died right now do [Read More...]

“Thank God” for Mormonism

Back when I was still a Christian, I went through a phase where I was fascinated with the phenomenon of Mormonism.   The rapid growth of the Latter-Day Saints puzzled me, and I also saw it as something of a threat to more orthodox Christianity.   I wanted to try to understand how people could fall for [Read More...]

Christian Post: Was It Necessary for Jesus to Die?

This post popped up in my web-o-tron interface. I saw the header, and peeped “ooh!” This topic is one of my pet peeves about Christianity. Let’s see what the author has to say, that’ll clarify the matter. [Read more...]

Didn’t know there were two Yahwehs

I stumbled across this comic thing today. All I could think was, “dude, they’re describing God’s feature invention“ [Read more...]

Infinite Punishment for Finite Crime Pt 3 – Followup Thoughts

I’m still thinking about this topic, apparently. I have some (relatively) brief thoughts about it. [Read more...]

Infinite Punishment for Finite Crime Pt 2

The other day, I was mashing on the keyboard about how little (a common version of) Christianity makes sense to me. A fellow, Scott, took issue, and attempted to set us straight. [Read more...]

Infinite Punishment for Finite Crimes

I do intend on getting back to Larry, but I’m taking the rest of the week off. Instead, I’d like to address a topic that came up in yesterday’s topic. [Read more...]