Evolution destroyed in under 5 minutes: The Ad-Hoc Constraint – Pt 2

Last time I looked at the first three points against evolution, utterly destroying it. Now, we continue. [Read more...]

Evolution destroyed in under 5 minutes: The Ad-Hoc Constraint – Pt 1

Woe is us – for the source of the very purpose of our lives (evolution) is no more. [Read more...]

On Specific Complexity

I was actually writing up a different article (for Monday) where this topic came up. I found an article that tried explain what it was. So now here I am, writing a pre-Article. [Read more...]

Happy Belated Evolution-Downfall Day

William Dembski, noted promoter of Intelligent Design said recently, emphasis mine: In the next five years, molecular Darwinism—the idea that Darwinian processes can produce complex molecular structures at the subcellular level—will be dead. When that happens, evolutionary biology will experience a crisis of confidence because evolutionary biology hinges on the evolution of the right molecules. [Read More...]

Social Darwinism

It’s the difference between is and ought. [Read more...]

Hinduism: Strawberries, therefore God

I feel like I’m done with evidence, though, that’s only tongue-in-cheek. I was poking around for Hindu arguments for a god. That’s more difficult since Hinduism doesn’t seem to conform to a standard monotheistic model. One stated that Hinduism is broad enough to include atheists… so I’m not likely to find atheist Hindus arguing for [Read More...]

Why Aren’t Chimps Still Evolving Into Humans?

I stumbled across this question in YouTube world. I love it. I’m serious – the question is awesome. [Read more...]

eajtebaalorcrgjsp fitgrqbwhe (Evolve Paragraph)

I was reading some commentary about Behe’s “Specific Complexity”. His example is often citing words that form sentences of things that are not just complex, but intentionally complex. [Read more...]

Larry Doesn’t Get Science Pt 6 – Kinds of Creatures

This is part of a series: [Index]. Part 6 - Evolving into different kinds. Larry thinks this doesn’t happen. [Read more...]

Photo of a Cat

In yesterday’s post about misunderstanding evolution, a commenter, Daniel, commented on a point that I thought was interesting. [Read more...]