Why Aren’t Chimps Still Evolving Into Humans?

I stumbled across this question in YouTube world. I love it. I’m serious – the question is awesome. [Read more...]

eajtebaalorcrgjsp fitgrqbwhe (Evolve Paragraph)

I was reading some commentary about Behe’s “Specific Complexity”. His example is often citing words that form sentences of things that are not just complex, but intentionally complex. [Read more...]

Larry Doesn’t Get Science Pt 6 – Kinds of Creatures

This is part of a series: [Index]. Part 6 - Evolving into different kinds. Larry thinks this doesn’t happen. [Read more...]

Photo of a Cat

In yesterday’s post about misunderstanding evolution, a commenter, Daniel, commented on a point that I thought was interesting. [Read more...]

Larry Doesn’t Get Science Pt 2 – Understanding Evolution Pt 1

This is part of a series: [Index]. Part 2 – Larry doesn’t understand evolution. [Read more...]

Creationism in American Schools

Did you know just a week ago Britain banned the teaching of creationism is their academic and free schools? This was huge news for science and a major blow to creationism. This led me to wonder why, if such laws are basically the same in the US since the courts have ruled that both creationism [Read More...]

Pseudoscience Activism – The Week in Review

Hell may have just frozen over, if it exists. I wish that was my headline, but in fact, the New York Daily News gets the credit. Why has hell frozen over? Because a majority of Republicans now accept climate change as real. Not that they think they personally will ever be affected, mind you, according [Read More...]

The Week in Review – Law and Atheism 12/6/2012

This week’s legal roundup: The Christian Family Coalition persuaded the Miami-Dade County Commissioners to institute a prayer to start off each meeting. Commissioner Dennis Moss was understandably upset at the passage of the ordinance, and objected vociferously, which displeased the CFC. It seems that they expect their elected officials never to defend the wall of [Read More...]