Proving the existence of Allah to an atheist

I love looking into articles such as this, which discuss how to convert atheists. They provide interesting insights into the epistemological thingamajigs of theists. This is how they think supporting claims works. Though, often they’re just trying to “play the atheists’ game” against them, even if the arguments aren’t why they believe in the first [Read More...]

Atheists who were not the cream of the crop

Bored with Christianity, I’ve been poking around Muslim channels, curious as to what they’re saying. I always love the anecdotes where the religious person talks to atheists. This commenter discusses what’s basically a mini textual Muslim Chick tract. [Read more...]

The Qur’an is true. We can all go home now.

Do you know what a mathematical proof is? Typically, they use axioms from Math-world to prove (absolutely) other things in Math-world. This can often be helpful in guiding us in reality, but that’s not precisely what a mathematical proof does. [Read more...]

Is this a thing now?

DrB- Is sending poorly written Facebook spam the new hot tech in evangelism? Do any of you get this kind of thing? Is there a more appropriate response here?   You can send me poorly written spam on twitter too! @DrDavidBurger [Read more...]