Greg Abbott backs nativity scene in Texas Capitol

Literally a few hours after I post a story about how the vast majority of Americans support having religious holiday displays on government property, I find a story of a nativity scene going up in the Texas Capitol. On Monday, a very simplistic nativity scene (pictured above) was unveiled in the basement of the Capitol’s rotunda [Read More...]

Poll: overwhelming support for religious displays on government property

A new poll has found that 72% of Americans believe having religious holiday displays on government property is okay.The poll, released Monday by Pew Forum, found that not only did nearly three-quarters find this acceptable, but 44% of the respondents said that this would be okay even if they were only Christian displays. That being said, when we [Read More...]

The Week in Review – Law and Atheism 12/27/12

Things have been sort of insane in my life over the last few weeks, so I’m horribly late posting legal updates – for which I apologize. I was the target of a home-invasion robbery the night of December 6 – you can read about it on my blog – and the details of putting my [Read More...]