Being an atheist in Bangladesh


The world was horrified again when third secular blogger - Ananta Bijoy Das - was murdered in a machete attack earlier this week. For the past month I have been corresponding with a courageous young atheist man in Bangladesh named Dean. He sent me his story and his appeal for tolerance and a return to the democratic ideals upon which his nation was founded. I and others are deeply concerned by what seems to be an organized "hit list" of secular bloggers. I am currently researching ways that the … [Read more...]

Having doubts? Just stop it!

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I used to follow Christian author, Frank Viola, a little bit when I was a pastor and a graduate student. I never really cared much for what he was saying. I quoted him in my dissertation but not favorably. Today I received his occasional email update. I can't remember the last time I read one of these but for some reason today I did and this is what he said right off the top: Hey Friends, Frank V. here. Last month I wrote a blog post that went viral called "The Crisis of Faith." In it, I … [Read more...]

All aboard the via negative

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On Saturday, I wrote on my Facebook page,Some take the via negativa and arrive at a number of versions of theism. Some hold on to nothing more than an echo of God. Others, like myself, take it to the last stop and realize there is no God at all and that God was always the echo of our own voices.This comment generated quite a little conversation over there. Someone felt I was being over-confident about my destination because, among other things, I referred to atheism as the "last stop." … [Read more...]

When criticism becomes harmful

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I've had my share of critics over the past 13 months or so. To recap, in case you haven't been keep score at home, there have been outspoken critics from both sides. Initially, atheists were highly skeptical of my intentions. From where I stand now I really understand why. They were just doing their job, being good skeptics. I'd probably look on my former self skeptically, too. Some went a good ways beyond skepticism to being cruel and ungracious. Even then I've tried to understand why a person … [Read more...]

Updates from Year Without God

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Life has been a bit of a blur and my blog has been the biggest casualty. Hopefully there are still a few of you out there! This post is just to give you a few updates on what I'm up to. There are more substantive posts coming, I promise, but I will also be throwing in a shorter reflections as well to keep the content interesting and to start conversation. Year Without God: the Documentary During the past year, Tim Banks and Ryan Moore have been following me around, talking to my friends and … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Rebecca speaks about her experience this year

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My girlfriend, Rebecca Pratt, wrote this today and posted it as a status on her Facebook wall. I asked her permission to share it here because it so beautifully addresses a core part of my past year and answers one of the main questions that people ask about us and our relationship. (Note: for over a year I have tolerated a lot of mean and sometimes inappropriate comments because I didn't mind it that much. However, I will delete comments that are disrespectful to Rebecca. Let's keep it kind and … [Read more...]