A Human(ist) Revolution

Several of the ideas in this piece were hashed out in conversations with two friends: Cass Midgley and Matthew Faraday. I am indebted to their thoughtful insights in developing this piece. Any shortcomings are my responsibility alone.There is a piece being circulated widely in the past few days which appeared in the Opinion pages of the New York Times on Christmas Day. It is entitled, “The Christmas Revolution,” and makes the case that much of what can be considered secular humanist values ha … [Read more...]

Claiming Christmas for Humanism

I’m hung over.Not from alcohol. I barely had one glass of wine last night. I’m hung over from Christmas. So much goodness. So much love and sharing and positive feelings. So much wrapping paper and food and people.People.I’m hung over from people, so I’m hiding in an upstairs bedroom writing. Detoxing. Good things in excess can be toxic as well as wonderful. Like wine. And people. And the best people in our lives know when we need this balance.God or no God, Christmas is wonderf … [Read more...]