“Mommy, can I draw Muhammad?”

Fellow Patheos Atheist Channel blogger, Wendy Thomas Russell, invited a group of people to participate in a group blogging project. As she writes, "Occasionally this blog features a series called “Mommy, What’s That?” — aimed at giving secular parents some simple, straightforward and open-minded ways to describe religious concepts. We’ve covered Satan, souls, the Bible — you know, run-of-the-mill Judeo-Christian stuff.But a couple of months ago, I began thinking about a particularly tricky ( … [Read more...]

Hobby Lobby, slippery slopes and the doubled-edged sword of freedom

Michael Peabody is an attorney who blogs at ReligiousLiberty.TV. He says that conservatives think he’s too liberal, and that liberals think that he’s too conservative, but he says he just believes what he believes and that he tries to address every issue on a case-by-case basis. That, he says, has made him a Biblical traditionalist who is tolerant and appreciative of those who offer other religious viewpoints. He’ll argue for young-earth creationism all day because that’s what he believes, but he … [Read more...]

Remembering Tiananmen Square

I was completing the final days of my senior year in high school when the tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square to clear the pro-democracy protesters.Today, 25 years later, many Chinese citizens still do not know the whole story of what happened in their own capital and activists struggle to commemorate the thousands who died when the Army opened fire on unarmed protestors. The government still suppresses the record of these events (you can read Helen Gao's first person account in today's New … [Read more...]

Born again! A former pastor, one year on.

I struggle these days when people ask for my bio. I'm a former pastor, former professor. It's all about what I used to do. When I say I'm a blogger, this sounds, well…like something someone who lives in LA would say. ("Dude, I'm a writer.") But for now, this is what I do and I love it, but still, the most poignant and perhaps relevant part of my bio is that I am a former pastor. This past Sunday marked one year since I resigned my position at the Hollywood Adventist Church at the insistence of t … [Read more...]