A Brief Update

It's been six months since I've posted here, but I haven't just been sitting around, I assure you! Most of my online activity now happens over at Life After God, including the podcast. Here are one or two highlights if you haven't heard the podcast yet.I'm going to be dusting off this blog a little bit and doing a little blogging during the remainder of the summer and then see where we go from there. But before I say more about that, here are a couple of things I'll be doing in the next few … [Read more...]

Two Years Without God

It was two years ago today that I woke up to the firestorm that Year Without God had become and just over one year since I told Arun Rath at NPR that I don’t believe in God anymore. It’s hard to imagine that two years have gone by. I’ve made so many new friends over these years—too many to name—and my life has been enriched by each interaction with people who are part of the atheist and humanist communities, however you want to define those.For the past few days I’ve been trying to assess my … [Read more...]

Life After God Launch Party

This fall Life After God is going on the road for its official launch.The main event will be a Launch Party on Saturday afternoon, November 21, at Sister Louise's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium (<-- you're going to want to click on that link) in Atlanta, Georgia. REGISTER NOW! Every year the American Academy of Religion and the Society for Biblical Literature meet together, somewhere in the country. This year is Atlanta and we're getting in on the fun by throwing our ow … [Read more...]

Introducing Life After God

What happens when you spend six months or a year or five years wondering about the existence of God and concluding that there is, at best, no compelling reason to believe? In particular, what happens when you experience this loss of faith after having been born into and continually immersed in religious life? In the midst of exploring arguments for and against the existence of God I very early on began asking a question which, in my case, is far more important: What do I do now?In fact, one … [Read more...]

An End, and a New Beginning

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time" —T. S. Eliot—  A year without God.More pixels have been spilled over the meaning of that expression than any other aspect of this experience. Now that the year is down to its final hours, it makes sense to once again start at the beginning.A year ago I had come to the end of my existential rope. The narratives that had given shape to m … [Read more...]