Life After God welcomes John Dehlin

Creating a New Future After Faith Since starting Life After God I have had a number of clarifying experiences—moments in which the vision I originally articulated for this organization teaches me something I didn’t see as clearly at the beginning. For example, it is clearer to me than ever before that there are at least two distinct but intimately related projects that Life After God is deeply invested in. First, and the one I’ve spoken the most about for the past five months, is the need to s … [Read more...]

The End of Atheism: a review of Everybody is Wrong About God

In January of 2014, after a long, 19-year career as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, three theological degrees, and the slow liberalization of my belief system, I began a personal exploration of atheism that I called, Year Without God. I set out to understand the world without my “god glasses” on. In short, I wondered, how does a naturalistic worldview hold up to scrutiny?Very quickly I grew weary of the God question. In a March 10, 2014 post entitled, “Deconstructing (a)theism,” I wrote, … [Read more...]