The Guardian: Ben Carson and his Seventh-day Adventist faith

Earlier this week the Opinion editor at The Guardian emailed me to ask for my thoughts about Ben Carson and what relationships his Seventh-day Adventist faith might have to do with his run for the U.S. Presidency. My article was published online this morning. -:-With Ben Carson’s surge in the Republican race for the White House, the world is suddenly fascinated by Seventh-day Adventists.A small, American-born sect of Christianity that arose in New England in the early 1800s, my former ch … [Read more...]

Leniency or Amnesty for Victims of Campus Sexual Violence? The Role of Religion

Schools around the country are struggling to address what some say is an epidemic of sexual violence. The U.S. Department of Education, members of both houses of Congress, and well as many academics and non-profit leaders, have been involved in crafting guidelines for college and universities to use in creating a safe environment on campus.This morning, the Southern Accent, student newspaper for Southern Adventist University, reported that the university has updated its sexual misconduct … [Read more...]

Intimations of Anti-Theism

I’m ambivalent about anti-theism. In general, I think believing in and appealing to invisible, supernatural agents is detrimental to human moral and intellectual development. My feelings about religion also vary, depending on the day, but one of the ways I would describe myself is anti-absolutist. Some things are absolutely detrimental, like drinking poison or stepping into moving traffic. These things are definitely not recommended under any circumstances.Religion is not that clear cut. For … [Read more...]

Adventist “Holy Sexuality Conference” cancelled

UPDATE: Further clarification from the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists below----My former denomination continues to make headlines, though not in the way they'd like, I think. Ben Carson has been saying things like homosexuality "absolutely" is a choice. Though he later apologized I don't think he suddenly changed his mind. It's more like the apology I used to offer my parents: I'm sorry I got caught. Or worse, I'm sorry some people were offended. The classic … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Adventist Forum

I will be speaking to a relatively small group of people who are members of the Association of Adventist Forums chapter in Los Angeles. These are primarily progressive Seventh-day Adventists who I have known for several years. This conversation will have a decidedly Adventist bent to it so if that's your background or current home, you might find this conversation especially relevantThis event is limited to about 50 people and space is going fast to please RSVP to to … [Read more...]

Can progressive religion claim the center?

During the long and interesting conversation around the relative merits of NALT Christians, the larger issues of "progressive Christianity" came up. Many Christians expressed that they are involved in NALT because they want to combat the notion that all Christians are anti-LGBT. Like the It Gets Better project, participants make videos expressing their faith in progressive and inclusive ways.In the midst of that conversation I read a very interesting piece on Religion Dispatches by my friend … [Read more...]