A Brief Update

It's been six months since I've posted here, but I haven't just been sitting around, I assure you! Most of my online activity now happens over at Life After God, including the podcast. Here are one or two highlights if you haven't heard the podcast yet.I'm going to be dusting off this blog a little bit and doing a little blogging during the remainder of the summer and then see where we go from there. But before I say more about that, here are a couple of things I'll be doing in the next few … [Read more...]

Sunday Assembly Las Vegas

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Sunday Assembly Los Angeles

In the first Assembly of 2015 we welcome blogger Ryan Bell, creator of "Year Without God," to talk about navigating the various narratives--religious, political, intellectual and otherwise--that shape our lives.On Dec. 31, 2013, the former pastor announced on the Huffington Post that in 2014 he would "live as if there is no God." For the next year, he dove in and explored non-belief in all its varieties and kept a public record of his journey at his popular blog. Now his year is over, and Ryan … [Read more...]

Evangelical Atheisms?

Yesterday my friend and Research Associate at USC's Center for Religion & Civic Culture, Jonnie Russell, wrote a piece for the Center's blog entitled, "Evangelical Atheisms: Sunday Assemblies and Ryan Bell's 'Year Without God.'" In the piece he writes: Each of these atheistic ventures, in its own way, might be called an evangelical rendering of atheism. In other words, the "doing" of atheism in each project betrays a very theistic, even evangelical, understand of the world. This not to say … [Read more...]

The “good news” of slavery?

It’s been a busy week and this blog has been the main casualty, but I have no regrets. I’ve been participating in the first annual Level Ground Film Festival this weekend. Over the next few days I will be reflecting on a few of the incredible experiences I’ve had during the festival, especially as they relate to my Year Without God.Today I begin with a film that didn’t screen at the Level Ground Film Festival. Last Sunday I watched Contradiction at the monthly meeting of Atheists United in Lo … [Read more...]

Atheists don’t gather. Or, do they?

In the Huffington Post piece that launched my Year Without God, I said, I will also attempt to speak to as many actual atheists as possible -- scholars, writers and ordinary unbelievers -- to learn how they have come to their non-faith and what it means to them. I will visit atheist gatherings and try it on. The pushback was immediate. Atheists don’t gather, I was told. The only thing we have in common is that we do not believe in a god or gods. What could possibly bring a group of atheists t … [Read more...]