Because “New Age” Will Soon Be Old Hat, Revisited

Following my post of Monday evening about her article in Catholic Exchange, “New Age: Still With Us and Still Dangerous, Part I,” Cheryl Dickow e-mailed me, “Please make sure you read part II today and reconsider your perspective—allowing people to feel lax about the New Age doctrine can indeed be dangerous.” I did read part II, and so can you. It doesn’t change my thinking. In fact, it makes this old mule even more obstinate.

Part II is mostly an interview with a New Age debunker, Sharon Lee Giganti. Giganti has made it her mission to reveal the worst tragedies associated with New Age thinking.

I had such a tragedy in my distant family. True story: A New Ager got sick with cancer and her New Age husband decided against traditional medical care, opting instead for prayer. He and his wife both agreed that, if they could just eliminate negative thoughts from their lives, healing would flow naturally. The wife died painfully. The family was shattered, emotionally and literally (some still don’t talk to others).

The name of the New Age “religion” in question here? It’s not so new at all. Christian Science. The picture is a hint: CS founder Mary Baker Eddy. Looks pretty New Agey to me.

  • Frank

    Ecclesiastes should be read more…"Better a youth who is poor and wise than a fool of an old king who shuns advice. He may even pass from prison to the throne, though born poor in his kingdom. I saw all who live under the sun follow the youth who replaced the latter and there was no end to the people who sided with him. And yet those who will come after will not be satisfied. This too makes no sense; it’s nothing but chasing wind." -Ecclesiastes 4:13-16

  • Webster Bull

    Hey, Frank. Now, I'm confused! Not sure if I'm the poor, wise youth or the old fool of a king. :-( But maybe I should crack Ecclesiastes?

  • Frank

    Webster:That passage can have many meanings. It could even be read as prophetic if the "youth" is the young Christ the King, for example, and Christendom of yore is considered as the "no end to people who sided with him". And as for today's generation? "And yet those who will come after will not be satisfied." I agree with Qoheleth when he says "this makes no sense". Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books in the Canon. Only 12 short "chapters" long, read it here:∩=1

  • Webster Bull

    Thanks again, Frank. Will report back after doing my Ecclesiastical homework.

  • Sharon Lee Giganti

    Dear Sir,Please remove the error from your blog reply to Cheryl Dickow regarding her New Age article. I am Sharon Lee Giganti, the woman the article refers to, and I have never channeled the spirit of Abraham as you say in your post. I became known as an "Abraham Ambassador" because I taught the Abraham material, (a fact I now deeply regret) but I never channeled this spirit myself. I know the line in the article tripped you up; where Cheryl says to me, "You talk about channeling Abraham." What Cheryl means, is simply that I talk about THE channeling of Abraham, not MY channeling of Abraham. Others, who use your post in their "research" may repeat your error and I fear the misinformation will spread. In any case, it seems you might have misunderstood the point of Cheryl's article (?) I don't think she was at all implying that because of New Age the Church would topple. I think she was pointing out that while the Church will always be standing, millions of her children are still falling. Unfortunately, there will always be people who have a cavalier attitude towards this tragic loss of souls, but I'm glad Jesus never did. Holy Scripture tells us he would leave the 99 safe sheep to go in rescue of the one lost lamb. In the battle of good against evil, I pray that each of us might take up the credo of every good soldier; "Leave no man behind". Cheryl Dickow seems to have taken it to heart, and I, for one, am very grateful. God bless you.

  • Webster Bull

    Dear Ms. Giganti, I have changed the post as you requested. I am sorry for misinterpreting Cheryl's article. Although I clearly misrepresented your work, and wouldn't have if I had understood Cheryl's article properly, I think the rest of my analysis holds. God bless you too. Webster

  • M

    I have not read your blog shine this series, I just didn't know what to saw.I have been doing some reserch(for my own work) and have become reaquainted with "Jesus Christ: The Bearer of the Water of life.I suggest YOU download it from and reallly read the document.In light of the stupidity happing in Our country and around the world, the comments made in the Church document inply that your assestion that "New age" is not longer a part of our lifethe truth is we can no longer see the forest for the treesAll of the collection of ideas, diciplines etc what have collectively been titled "new age" for convience are alive functioning and a magor part of how our world currently functions.By all means , cling to the Faith. The church is the only truth.MaryLouise