YIMC Book Club — The Nominations are In

We have received some excellent suggestions for the next book in the YIM Catholic Book Club. We narrowed these down to four nominations and have posted these in the column to the right. Please vote now and help us choose a book. We will begin reading the new book on Friday, January 15.

  • Warren Jewell

    Good – I voted and now am locked out of doing so again. Not that I wanted to change my vote. No, sirree . . . old temptation here in Chicagoland – stuff the ballot box.I accept your triumphant smirk as forgiveness. :)

  • Webster Bull

    Warren,Bostonians aren't exactly altar boys when it comes to political chicanery! But I'm glad the polling system here doesn't allow ballot stuffing. It'll be fun to see what readers choose. We had two nominations for "Reed of God" but it's at the back of the pack in the early polling . . .

  • Anonymous

    We are just as entirely corrupt in the San Francisco Bay Area, yessiree! The same thought crossed my mind, I saw that it wouldn't work, then I read the comments. (hear Homer Simpson say "Doh!)Julie

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01819831282677092730 Frank

    Sheesh…am I the only Boy Scout in this group LOL? (I told Webster this poll doodad would be "interesting")

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05527657294925014026 Michelle

    I wanted to vote more than once, I admit it. :)