Because We’re Having Too Much Fun Here

Synchronize watches, YIMC-ers! We have a big announcement scheduled for 0500 hours on Passion Sunday. That would be tomorrow. You don’t want to miss this. No, it has nothing to do with immigrants. Or scandal. Or soccer. Itching to find out? Desperate to know? Can’t wait another second? Well, we’ll give you a hint, but we’re betting you’ll never guess. . . .
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    Hilarious!! Just what I needed as I arrive home from the ER this early Saturday morning. I think I might know whom you are talking about. Gee. Could it be? Let us wait to see. A bird? a plane? Batgirl!

  • Anonymous

    Any prizes for guessing?? Allison is being promoted from 'guest blogger' to full time! Am I right? Rose

  • caite

    oh, you gotta love that Bat Girl video. I want a bat review mirror!

  • Fan of Schall

    Fr James Martin SJ writes a guest post!!!

  • Webster Bull

    @FanofSchall, I wish.

  • Sarah Harkins

    YEAH!! Welcome Allison! You are a perfect addition to an awesome blog!

  • Stefanie

    Heh. I didn't even know that Batgirl had a theme!

  • Anonymous

    I attended a Passion Sunday Mass in the extraordinary form on March 21. I expect to attend a Palm Sunday Mass tomorrow, the 28th. I suspect you are confused about some of the terminology. Good luck with the announcement, however. I am looking forward to it.KS

  • Allison

    @KS: Good morning!I wrote in an earlier post about the elimination of Passiontide that what we once knew as Passion Sunday now is the Fifth Sunday of Lent. Now Passion Sunday is Palm Sunday.

  • Fred


  • Anonymous

    Sorry Allison, I must have missed that entry about the new-fangled ways. Oh well.KS

  • Allison

    KS: No worries. I have heard there is talk Pope B16 might change things back to the old style anyway, in terms of reviving Passiontide. So maybe you are just ahead of the curve!

  • Frank

    Holy Hotwheels Batman, Batgirl has her own theme song!