Thanks to Neil Young (Music for Mondays)

Neil Young is in town! Neil Young is in town! That was what the sign on the Civic Auditorium said last Thursday night. It’s always big news when a big name comes to a small town. Not like I could go to the show or anything. My wife was hosting her book club meeting and although baby-sitting duty would kick me and the kids out of the house, I’m not quite ready to take them to a rock concert. I took them go-karting instead.

But I wanted to go to the show. So I did the next best thing. I hunted around for Neil Young songs on You Tube and started posting them on my Facebook page. See, I’ve always liked some of his songs, even when Ronnie Van Zant from Lynyrd Skynyrd  told me that I shouldn’t like him. Sorry, I couldn’t do that Ronnie, because Cinnamon Girl rocks, man. (I can’t believe my wife has never heard of it. Sheeeeeeesh!)

Even so, before I became a Catholic, I was more close-minded. Which means that after I became a Catholic I became more open-minded.  Whaat?! Yeah, sounds like an oxymoron to be an open-minded, yet orthodox follower of the faith doesn’t it? But that is the way it is.

You hadn’t noticed? I can’t explain it all to you here, music fans, because that is way beyond the scope of a post like this. Suffice it to say that Neil Young is an interesting character, a non-conformist, and yep, you guessed it,  a contrarian. Is he a Catholic? I have no idea. But is he godless? I don’t believe so. Heck, some people think he may even be a prophet. I really can’t say. I do know that a few videos here don’t even begin to scratch the surface of Neil’s artistic and philanthropic work. I just know that I like Neil Young’s music and his character.  He isn’t perfect, but he knows that too.

Now then, what we have here are the makings of the longest Music for Mondays posts ever at YIM Catholic. Good thing that it is a holiday (here in the US at least), because this way you can crank up the speakers and sing along with Neil (and me).  Just be careful, because some of his tunes will melt your speakers down to the wires, which I think is a good thing too.

Why hasn’t Neil ever been awarded a Grammy? That is the question I’m asking myself too. I don’t know (ed. this has since been rectified!). No matter, come along and follow me for a taste o’ Neil Young and remember the wise words of Crash Davis from the movie Bull Durham: “Don’t think. It’s bad for the ball club.” Just enjoy these along with me.

First up, Neil’s folksy side:

Heart of Gold “Put me in the middle of the road. Traveling there soon became a bore, so I headed for the ditch. A rougher ride but I saw more interesting people there.” Thankfully, before Neil headed for “the ditch,” he recorded a show for the BBC in London and played this new song for the audience. Check him out as he fumbles around, in a very charming and relaxed way, for the harmonica in the correct key (key of G, in case you want to blow along with him) to accompany the song. This was Neil’s first and only #1 hit on the Billboard Charts and it is a beauty.

YouTube Preview Image

That song sold me on Neal almost immediately. This song sealed the deal. As if Neil would need a band—sheesh! At the same BBC show, Neil also played Old Man. He gives us some neat background information about how he wrote it for the old foreman of his ranch in California. Listen to the words, which Neil enunciates as well as Frank Sinatra ever could, and see if you hear something spiritual whispering into your ear. I know I do around about here,

Love lost, such a cost . . .

YouTube Preview Image

Like a Hurricane. Webster likes finger-picking rock guitarists like Mark Knopfler. Finger-picking? Yep, Neil can do that too. Now, what does the song mean? Hey, this is art! Subject to interpretation, see? I know what it means to me and I know something else: it sounds great.

YouTube Preview Image

This Note’s for You. Here Neil basically sticks a knife in the heart of the mainstream. This song and music video, which parodied the MTV/Corporate influence of the music industry and, dare I say it, the materialist culture that is still prevalent today.  Show it to your kids. I am. They didn’t want to, but MTV honored this song and video with the Music Video of the year Award in 1989.

YouTube Preview Image

Just Singing a Song Won’t Change the World I saw an interview Neil gave on the Charlie Rose Show where he told Charlie that all he has been given is pure gift, a gift that he has to share. This video, shot with someone’s hand camera, was done at a benefit for the Bridge School that Neil and his wife founded to help developmentally challenged children in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Two of Neil’s children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Talk the talk and walk the walk.

YouTube Preview Image

Neil and his wife Pegi sing Four Strong Winds followed up by Neil alone on his When God Made Me performed at the benefit concert Live Aid Canada in 2005. Listen to the second song.  Does it make you wince at all? Sort of like good Catholic social teaching, it cuts to the quick.  Is the theology crystal clear? Probably not, but Neil isn’t a theologian either. But he isn’t an atheist either.

YouTube Preview Image

OK, were moving into the “melt your speakers” portion of Neil’s oeuvre.  I’ve never seen the Jim Jarmusch film Dead Man (1995) starring Johnny Depp.  But after this discovery, I will be. And soon!  Neil set up monitors all over his studio and followed the movie along in real time playing whatever he felt from what he saw on the screen and as the action moved him. He told Jarmuch that the film didn’t really need any music. But Jim begged him to write music to the film anyway. Neil has a gift, see, and thankfully he understands that. Thank God he is sharing it.

YouTube Preview Image

Have you ever heard of the group Pearl Jam? Neil wrote this tune Rocking in the Free World and performed it here with Eddie Vedder & Co. back in 1993. In letter-box format no less, so you can also melt your computer screen too. And note, Neil doesn’t go trying to bash his trademark black Les Paul guitar into any amps either. Unlike the rookies from Pearl Jam. Neal just shows them the reason why his guitar is given top-billing. Ow…that dude can jam!

YouTube Preview Image

Fifteen years later, Out of the Blue, live in 2008, where the now older man shows that as you start losing your hearing, just turn up the volume and add more distortion. Break out your ear plugs or crank your speakers is all I can say. And don’t forget to listen to the message too.  After all, there’s more to the picture than meets the eye and it’s better to burn out than to fade away.

YouTube Preview Image

See? Like I said, we’ve barely scratched the surface, but that is all we have time for this week. This could turn into one of those Webster-esque multi-part posts for me very easily. Maybe next time, we’ll do Neil’s movies.


  • Lisa Julia Photography

    What a treat! Thanks for the post!

  • Frank

    @Lisa: I hope your speakers survived…;^). Play it again Neil!

  • James

    Jonathan Demme's film of Neil's "Heart of Gold" concert from Nashville is a must see for any Neil Young fan. I've always loved his 1st album and this concertfilm and it's attendant cd make it seem as if he's come full circle. He was in Worcester (with Bert Jansch of all people!) two weeks ago but like you Frank, I couldn't go. I did,however, get to experience an unbelievable performance by Pat Metheny that same week in Boston and that assuaged any disappointment I might of had about missing Neil. Great choice for Monday Music!

  • Michael (NZ)

    Absolutely cooolll! Thanks for the post, Frank!

  • Frank

    @Michael: Glad you liked it! And since yesterday was a holiday here, we're going to let Neil and MfM run for another day! Now we can melt our speakers at work too. ;^)

  • Sandy

    I'm glad you're letting it run another day myself. Not long after I saw you online, family and holiday duties called… so here I am! I was lil late coming onto Neil's charms as well. I had always liked "Heart of Gold," but it was a coworker into his 85 explorations who tried to convert me, and those did not fit the poet's soul like the earlier things did, or "Cinnamon Girl". (Still can't believe someone doesn't know that song!)Luckily, over the years he did tend to hang out with the artists I liked, such as Mr. Petty, and now I'm almost as big a fan as my coworker. I think Neil Young's career suffered because he was known as a folkie when it wasn't cool to be a folkie. Luckily, the industry and the everyone else got over themselves.Nice selection, and truly made complete with the "My Open Pages" cover. Thanks for the journey — again! :-)

  • Frank

    @Sandy, LOL. She's heard it now! :^)


    So much experience he has had in music. Must be amazing to be him. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage and I hope to see you again soon.

  • Stefanie

    Oh, man, does this go back a ways. Back when I was a teenager/young adult, I used to write my civil war novels and western tales while listening nonstop to Neil Young. A month ago, I was sitting at the Starbucks in my hometown — blocks away from the house I grew up in — hearing "Old Man" for the first time in a LONG time. "24 and so much more" indeed…Thanks, Frank!

  • Shannon
  • Frank

    @Shannon: All I can say is…GO! By the way, that was the same ticket price in my town, so you are getting a bargain (LOL). Looks like Dylan will be there soon too. Enjoy!

  • Quentin Edison Sanford

    Neil rocks! Seeing him at the Bridge Concert this sunday in SF!

  • Frank

    Quentin…Enjoy yourself! That is a great cause too.

  • rob clemenz @

    Neil Young has never won a Grammy? Are you sure about that? It seems quite impossible.

  • Frank

    I agree, but that was true when I wrote this. However, after last night, it's true no more!

  • Frank

    Neil won a Grammy! Bravo Zulu Neil!

  • Angela

    There are many music artist whom remind me of the lords work. I will listen to Neil when I have the time to listen and devote, in the mean time. Check out this, if you are not familiar.

  • Allison

    That's a good one, Angela. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Frank

    Cool Angela!