Obamacare’s Great Gift: Clarification

Thank you, Mr. President. Some of us weren’t sure until recently. But now, thanks to the clarity provided by your Administration’s HHS Mandate, we can see clearly now, the rain is gone. Or like Elizabeth Scalia put’s it in her post over at First Things, and in good ol’ American English: Dude…we are church!

After reading her post, go check out her updated link-a-round post on Patheos as well.

  • Anne Parks

    Clarity – I knew before he was elected that he viewed abortion as a way to correct a “mistake” because he told us in his own words. It was called the culture of death, which continues and now threatens to negate the freedom of religion clause in the Constitution. Just this week Childrens Hospital denied a 3 yr old mentally retarded child a transplant because she wasn’t perfect but thanks to pressure from Catholics, they relented. There will be much more to come if good Catholics reelect this administration. Don’t be fooled again.

  • http://www.TotusTuusFamily.blogspot.com Allison

    It may not completely work, lyrics-wise, but I’m hearing The Who’s WONT BE FOOLED AGAIN. http://youtu.be/Rp6-wG5LLqE

  • http://paginamia.com giovannimariatommaso

    Clarity – Too bad that this was made into a political issue in Roe vs Wade by underhanded tactics taking it out of the arena of life and death; mother and child, love and nurture, into the cold reality of law which has no feelings for or against and is neither moral or immoral in its decision. It is also just as unfortunate that the majority of Americans who seem to put so much stock in knowledge, the free-be hand-out Gov’t, and the Media, cannot or will not understand that the Constitution means that the Government will not of itself be the church of the nation preaching its brand of religion neither will it elect a religion to be the rule for the people.