Because Blaise Pascal Spoke Truth to Power Like this

I love Blaise Pascal. I’ve said that before a number of times. The guy accomplished more in the thirty-nine short years of his life than I ever will, and I look forward to sharing a beer with him in Heaven. And if he doesn’t like beer, I’ll share a glass of wine with him instead.

He is a mathematical genius who can also write well. His Pensées are easy to read, easy to understand, and he gets right to the point. And as unlikely as our friendship may seem to you (dead guy genius befriends knuckle-headed, and still living, Marine), the Holy Spirit brought us together. So go figure.

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Buzz Lightyear and Coogan & Brydon With a Few Words For Those Who Fear Signing the Petition…

because they have to set up an “account” and give the White House their e-mail address. First up, Buzz explains it to Woody, [Read more…]

Max Lindenman Ponders the Question: After the HHS Mandate, Are We Family?

Or is this just a political “flash in the pan?” I think it’s the former, at least for a little while, but Max has different thoughts in his post, Here Comes Everybody? Don’t Bet On It. I’d comment further, but I’m kinda busy trying to get into orbit right now. The good ship Freedom of Conscience just cleared through 16,000 signatures. Folks must be taking this scripture passage to heart on this issue. You know me, “Mr. Pamchenko.[Read more…]

About The White House Petition Website…

Keep this in mind.


Heh! Maintain an even strain.

The Theme Song From The South Carolina Debate

You know, the one they didn’t play, and the one they hoped you had forgotten, or hopefully, had never heard. The one that 4 out of 5 of these candidates, and the Incumbent, don’t want me to play. The one for the Road to Tehran. Sing it along with me, won’t you? I’ll even include the lyrics below the video. [Read more…]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Was a Trekkie? Who Knew!

Makes all the sense in the world though, doesn’t it? Nichelle Nichols, aka Lt. Uhura, tells the tale here. [Read more…]

Love Jesus, Hate Religion? Here’s the Poet’s Rebuttal

The other day I shared an e-mail I received from a reader, and the follow-up response to it by “the Kid.” Today I’ll share another Catholic response from another young man, this time in similar format to the “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” video that sparked the response. I don’t know his name, so I call him “the Poet.”

A.M.D.G., indeed. Only 245 views? Help make it go viral. Te Deum Laudamus

Rodney Dangerfield, For President

Or is it the invisible man? That “person who shall remain nameless” has the 2nd highest number of delegates in the Republican Primary race so far. Mr. Jon Stewart again with the facts, [Read more…]

Because of Jesus Christ, the Rugged Individualist…Not!

Have you bought into the lie that you can achieve everything you need or want to accomplish in this life all by yourself? I did, for a time you know, when I was a delusional pharisee. [Read more…]

Cardinal Justin Rigali with a Christmas Message We All Need to Hear

Forgiveness is the message that is often forgotten on this day of the celebration of the Incarnation of the Creator of all that is visible and invisible. After all, the Messiah explained it to the priest Nicodemus and to us, in the third chapter of John’s gospel, [Read more…]