Behold! The Stupidity Of Politicizing Everything Under The Sun In 2013…

I wonder what Sherlock Holmes would deduce from this?

…will likely continue on into 2014.

The latest example of this ludicrous trend? Determining where you stand politically by what you drink, of course. I mean booze, see? [Read more…]

Ladies? The Almighty Orgasm Needs Your Help Getting Folks the Right Kind of Pornography…UPDATED

Pompatous of “O”

Satire Alert!

I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but the Almighty Orgasm is trying to grow the ranks of the faithful, you see. Because there isn’t enough easily accessible pornography in the world, wouldn’t you agree? [Read more…]

Have You Purchased Your Susan G. Komen Pistol Yet? UPDATED

Aw…ain’t it cute? OK, file this one under the “Truth is stranger than fiction” category. Because it’s for real. [Read more…]