This Just In! IRS Seeking Agency Name Change…UPDATED

Their fetching new logo…

The IRS, seeking to shed its image as a benign, and somewhat boring, revenue collection agency of the US Government, has asked the President to allow the agency to be more suitably named.
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Why Does Fox News Hate the U.S. Constitution?

This would be one of those rare times when I thank God for lawyers. Because if the whiz kids at Fox News is where “conservatives” are getting their fix of “right thinking,” then they are doing it from the wrong end of the sewer pipe.

I’ll let court jester Jon Stewart show you what I mean. [Read more…]

Ladies? The Almighty Orgasm Needs Your Help Getting Folks the Right Kind of Pornography…UPDATED

Pompatous of “O”

Satire Alert!

I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but the Almighty Orgasm is trying to grow the ranks of the faithful, you see. Because there isn’t enough easily accessible pornography in the world, wouldn’t you agree? [Read more…]

Dennis Miller’s Observation…

Photo credit: HBO

Who knows? Maybe there’s a lower level cabinet post in her future or perhaps an ambassadorship.

He likes me…he really likes me.