The Real Casualties of the “War on Women…”UPDATED

No, it’s not Jennifer Lopez dressed in a leopard skin-tight leotard top. Or is it?

Because if the editors of Glamour could put two and two together, they might find that the real solution on “How to Shake Off Anxiety and Live Happy,” might have a lot to do with not being overly concerned with the “12 Naughty Sex Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask,” or the “10 Things More Important Than Those Last Five Pounds.” [Read more…]

Rebecca Hagelin “Gets It” on Religious Liberty…As Does A Rock Band

(CNS photo/Nancy Phelan Wiechec)

She’s spot-on the phony “War on Women” too. Here’s what she said a few weeks back in an article from the Washington Times shortly after the stealth lawsuits were launched,

The controversy swirling around the mandate from the Department of Health and Human Services, which forces religious institutions to provide insurance coverage for contraceptives, sterilizations and abortion-causing drugs for their employees, escalated this past week.

This time, it’s the good guys on the offensive. [Read more…]