Monday Morning Humor: "Debt is Dumb"

Monday Morning Humor: "Debt is Dumb" February 11, 2013

Classic Matt Chandler. Even though I really do think debt is dumb, and maybe it might not be so bad if people talked more about it, this is pretty funny:

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  • Oh if only all preachers could use humor in this way to bring us closer to the glories of Christ. Matt Chandler has been gifted in this area for sure. Have you seen his impression of Mark Driscoll? Hilarious.

  • It’s funny, Steven Furtick was being a real pain in the rear about this very illustration in one of the Elephant Room sessions. Furtick took it personally and started gassing about how he led his congregation through a fast and this that and the other serious thing, and how he felt mocked by Chandler. Needless to say, he just came off looking like a twit. Chandler handled it graciously though.
    Oh I know, I’ve seen that and it’s side-splitting. It would be even funnier if Driscoll weren’t in fact going so far off the deep end in recent years—that’s really a sad thing. But I do think the impression is spot-on.
    He fits the “nice-looking young pastors who are really funny and preach like heck” bill quite nicely for me—not many do. 🙂

  • *laugh out loud* This is great! He hit the nail right on the head, impression and all.

  • Actually, he’s not doing an impression of anyone in particular in this video, but he is poking fun at the type of pastor who would actually come up with something like this and take it seriously. 🙂

  • Well what do you expect from Steven Furtick? Also, did you see all the comments on Amazon about Driscroll’s latest book? Pretty funny stuff.

  • Is that the one about identity? The funny thing is that Challies actually said he honestly felt like it wasn’t so bad. But nothing can make up for the train wreck of his and his wife’s marriage book, which I refuse to read.

  • Saved Girl

    This brought back some memories as this was the first Matt Chandler clip I heard him on. He has quite the sense of humor. The first 12 or so minutes of this sermon are also hilarious as he describes how he was roped into pastoring his current church. I don’t agree with him on everything, such as some of his associations, but he seems to be a genuine, passionate man of God. I really wish the best for him and hope to see him mature and grow even stronger in the Lord, all the while not forgetting the most important message that debt is DUMB!! 🙂

  • In fairness, I don’t know if he’s still close friends with Mark. I know he was at one point. But it’s taken some time for all of Driscoll’s creepiness to work itself out.

  • Saved Girl

    I didn’t know that about Furtick. Judging from how he conducts his services, I’m not surprised. So I guess the whole Code Orange fiasco was his own fault; he should have known that Matt Chandler would preach it straight. And did he ever!

  • Furtick just annoys me, period. Shallow, chip on his shoulder, know-it-all… reminds me of young Anakin in the Star Wars prequels. That’s about the worst insult I can give to any young dude, anywhere. 😉

  • LOL, listening to it I got a certain pastor in mind who preaches just like that and whom I heard online. But there are more like that around, I’m sure 😉

  • Favorite quote: “I’m not against topical preaching as long as it’s done exegetically.” 😀