Laying The Smack Down


My nine-year-old son, Aidan, already has a few solid friendships. He and his buddies love to fish, hunt, swim, camp, catch snakes, and explore nature. But above all else, they love to wrestle. They remind me of a group bear cubs roughhousing in the Alaskan tundra–they literally snarl and growl as they take each other down over and over again.This love for wrestling made my son’s comment to me the other day a puzzle. … [Read more...]

Between Prison Cells and Pedestals

bad moment

If any normal person has a bad moment and, say, yells at someone in public, that’s one thing.If a pastor in a small town does it, well, that’s something different. … [Read more...]

Dead As A Beaver Hat

When I was a kid, I didn’t just watch John Wayne movies—I entered into them. When The Duke mounted a horse, I could smell the saddle leather. When he walked into a bar, I caught the smells of booze and fear in the room. When he drew his gun, I’d duck. I used to lie on my stomach for hours, chin propped up in my hands, watching that gunslinger be his own man. Nobody bossed him around. Nobody stopped him from doing what was right. Nobody got between him and his conscience. … [Read more...]