Dexter: You’re Lost

Loving the official poster and trailer for Dexter Season 8, starting on Sunday June 30th. Can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for the final installment of Dexter’s story – will he ever be whole again? First, the trailer:

And the poster:



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Zach J. Hoag is a writer and missional minister from notoriously non-religious New England. He blogs here at Patheos and HuffPost Religion. His book, Nothing but the Blood: The Gospel According to Dexter, released in 2012. Most importantly he binge-watches TV dramas and plays in the snow with his family.

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  • Mike Freeman

    Wow. My daughters dragged me into Dexter last year more or less kicking and screaming. They strapped me to the table and we watched through season 6 on DVD, and are now waiting for season 7 to arrive in a few weeks (at this point we’re just waiting for each season to come out on DVD and then watch at our own pace). In former times this would have been far too racy and bloody for us (though, apart from f-bombs it has nothing on the book of Judges). But what rich pathos we would have missed! Just got your book. Looking forward to the read…

    • zachhoag

      Mike Freeman So glad to hear you got roped into watching! It’s definitely a bit rough at first, but once you start seeing those glimmers of redemption and deep gospel themes, it’s well worth it. Season 7 is a doozie, you’ll love it. THanks so much for picking up the book :).