Stanley Hauerwas on the Definition of a Christian

For me, wow.

What about for you? Does Hauerwas get the definition right here?

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  • Mike Freeman

    Wow for me too. Love Hauerwas, but hadn’t heard his voice before. Thank you. I want to go to there…

  • ursula_crawford

    To be a Christian is to be a sign that God has not abandoned the world. Yes, definitely! We are to be the hands and feet of God.

  • mscottboren

    This is awesome stuff. Hard  to disagree with it. Even harder to get this into the deep parts of our lives. It starts with hearing this and then it advances as we practice being this kind of people.

  • zachhoag

    mscottboren Amen. This falls into that easier said than done category. But what a vision for what *could* be done. Hope my life can be spent trying to live this out!

  • mscottboren

    zachhoag mscottboren After a pastor reviewed a manuscript of a book I wrote about 8 years ago, he said, “I’m not sure many churches will do this.” I then realized that my calling was to bequeath this kind of church to my kids. If this occurs, this will be a great inheritance.