Hauerwas on American Civil Religion

“Americans don’t know how to read their Bible well because they are Americans before they are Christians.”

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Zach J. Hoag is a writer and missional minister from notoriously non-religious New England. His book, Nothing but the Blood: The Gospel According to Dexter was released in 2012. Twitter & Facebook.

  • Rob Grayson

    Dude nailed it.

  • http://zhoag.com/ zachhoag

    Rob Grayson Right?!

  • Gravity Traveler

    I rage vicariously through Hauerwas; spot-on. I love that his language is always assertive, and one could even argue aggressive at times, and that it becomes a vehicle to testify pacifism. Brilliant.

  • http://zhoag.com/ zachhoag

    @Gravity Traveler agree 100%. I think his example shows that confidence/strength does not equate to arrogance/violence. Hauerwas gives us permission to speak clearly and confidently to the powers that be!