My #2013 Writing Elsewhere

It’s  been a wonderful year here on the blog, and I so appreciate everyone who has read and joined the conversation. Ya’ll are a huge blessing to me.

It’s also been a really fun year for writing elsewhere. Here’s a roundup of the pieces I wrote that were published in other places:

HuffPost Religion:

Smokin’ Hot Wives & Water for the Soul

A False Gospel of Reconciliation

Calling Out Celebrity Christianity & Counterfeit Justice

Jesus Will Rapture the Church Out of Absurdity

Modest Hopes for My Two Girls

I’m a Jesus Feminist Because…Paul!

Incarnational Boundaries

Fresh Expressions:

Something Fresh

Missio Alliance:

A Bloody Kind of Peace (about Dexter and the gospel)

The Other Journal:

Breaking Bad Roundtable (blogged through the entire final season of Breaking Bad)

The American Jesus:

Nice is the Ultimate Vice

I also did two radio appearances related to my writing this year:

The Drew Marshall Show (during their “God Blogger” segment)

Up For Debate (discussing evangelicals and gay marriage)

Thanks to everyone who invited me to contribute and collaborate!

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Same-Sex Marriage and Blinding Evangelical Fear
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  • Rob Grayson

    2013 is the year I discovered your blog, along with other blogs that I probably would have never dared to let myself read or comment on before. And my life is much the richer for it. Here’s to more and better in 2014 :)

  • zachhoag

    Rob Grayson thanks brother. your support has been so encouraging. have a wonderful christmas and new year.