A V-Day Proposal

Valentine’s Day is the day in Christian culture when people post photos of their “honey” on “date night” or opine about true (Christian married) love on their blogs or share stuff about the REAL St. Valentine or otherwise act kind of obnoxious about having the right kind of romantic relationship and the right kind of faith.

It’s our own version of the Hallmark holiday that is careful to moralize or educate while “celebrating.”

But I have a proposal.

What if, instead of being so concerned with moralizing about our Christian values or educating about church history, we were just focused on telling the people in our lives that they are awesome?

Like, what if it applied to all relationships – friends, neighbors, kids, spouses, strangers, cashiers, Twitter followers, anyone? Speaking of kids, I think they kind of have this one right. At the elementary school I work at they don’t go around sneaking Valentine’s gifts to the girl or boy that they romantically like. They just give cool stuff to their friends to let them know they are awesome.

If Valentine’s Day is about love, let’s not restrict it to one expression of that love (like, you know, the smokin’ hot kind of Christian married love). And let’s not spend so much energy convincing everyone of the real story of the martyred St. Valentine so they think Christianity has more cred. Instead, let’s just tell people that they are awesome.

It would probably make a huge difference for the single and not-Christian people in our lives – and they deserve to feel just as good as the married Christian rest of us.

Because they are awesome.

I know it doesn’t start with a “V” but for me, today is officially You-Are-Awesome Day.

Besides, who needs dumb stuff like chocolate and lingerie when you’ve got a House of Cards marathon and cheeseburgers in your future, am I right?

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