Farewell, Gospel Coalition

When World Vision announced yesterday that it would expand its hiring standards to include married gay people, it didn’t take long for bloggers at The Gospel Coalition to respond.

Predictably, they, along with other prominent conservative evangelical leaders, were quick to draw the line in the sand and keep the gate secure.

And, to say, “Farewell”:

Russell Moore’s piece laid down the ultimate evangelical gauntlet:

At stake is the gospel of Jesus Christ. If sexual activity outside of a biblical definition of marriage is morally neutral, then, yes, we should avoid making an issue of it. If, though, what the Bible clearly teaches and what the church has held for 2000 years is true, then refusing to call for repentance is unspeakably cruel and, in fact, devilish…

We’re entering an era where we will see who the evangelicals really are, and by that I mean those who believe in the gospel itself, in all of its truth and all of its grace.

In the past, I’ve heard other neo-Calvinists similarly project that the coming pro-gay legislation will “separate the men from the boys.” Well, it appears that for the conservative evangelical gatekeepers that time has arrived. At least they are certainly separating their cadre of heterosexual men from the devilish, cruel, totally-not-evangelical, gay-loving boys. For them, it’s high time to say, Farewell. Auf wiedersehen. Goodbye.

If you, like me, feel like you’ve just been excommunicated (again?), don’t worry, because you’re also causing the suffering of children with all of your inclusiveness!

Children will suffer as evangelicals lose trust in and withdraw support from World Vision in the future. It will take time for evangelicals to start new organizations that maintain historic Christian concepts of sin, faith, and repentance.

In the meantime, children will suffer. Needlessly.

That’s why critics of the evangelical outcry toward World Vision will say, Get over it! Kids matter more than what men and women choose to do romantically!

Strangely enough, we agree. In fact, this is one of the main reasons we’re against redefining marriage. We believe kids matter more than gays and lesbians having romantic relationships enshrined as “marriage.”

Children are the ones who suffer when society says there’s no difference between a mom or a dad.

Children are the ones who suffer when a couple’s romantic interests outstrip a child’s healthy development, whether in no-fault easy divorce laws, or in the redefining of society’s central institution…

Sex is our god. Children are our sacrifice.

See! It’s World Vision’s fault for being more ecumenical/inclusive – they are causing children to suffer by forcing True Evangelicals to withdraw their support! Furthermore, they are causing children to suffer by redefining marriage so “there’s no difference between a mom or dad”! And easy divorce (somehow because gay people?)! And sex gods!

I have to say, that is some craftily convoluted political spin, even for the new religious right. Blaming the suffering of impoverished children not on the people actually withdrawing their support but…on the gays! Who are obviously also responsible for divorce and sex worship! Hooray for convenient word-gaming and fallacious implications.

Look, I’m not here to start a war. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, the present is a gift, right? But since The Gospel Coalition has effectively shown me the door, I’d just like to do the polite thing as I leave and say:

Farewell, Gospel Coalition.

And good luck holding that disingenuous, self-righteous, unjust line with The Men.

I’ll be over here with the boys, welcoming the outcast and the stranger, co-laboring with the marginalized other, serving alongside Good Samaritans, imagining a kingdom of equal-oneness in Christ Jesus, preventing no one from being baptized, calling nothing unclean that God has made clean through faith, and trying to meet the needs the least of these, Jesus’s brothers. 

Because I don’t think the Messiah will be handing out “Well done’s” to those who spent their time earnestly rejecting outsiders and feverishly boycotting kingdom work. 

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