VIDEO: Franklin Graham, Russell Moore, & Ralph Reed on ABC News

Here are Franklin Graham, Russell Moore, and Ralph Reed  on ABC News, demonstrating the pathetic state of majority evangelicalism in America. It’s a mixed message of political agendas, false data, and self-righteous posturing in the name of “the gospel.” Lord, have mercy.

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  • joshua

    I had the same reaction Zach. Can we farwell Russel Moore yet?

  • Curt Day

    As I wrote on another blog that contained the same clip, the Conservative Christians on the panel avoided answering the question initially asked. They failed to interpret why fewer people are attending churches and the answer is rather obvious. It is because Christianity has what has become an unfavorable track record in playing a vital part in the Establishment. So as people reject the status quo, they reject that which supports it. And as people accept the status quo, they regard some institutions that do not distinguish themselves from the rest as being unnecessarily repetitious and trivial.

  • ahermit

    Ralph Reed just straight up lies about about the social science research around children of same sex couples.

  • Owen Paun

    Mainline Protestantism has had a vital part in the Establishment, Evangelicalism has always been a voice from the outside. Perhaps that’s why the decline of the Mainlines has been so precipitous, but it doesn’t apply to Evangelicalism.http://

  • Curt Day

    Have to disagree with you about evangelicals when it comes to foreign policies and the economy. Evangelicals have been strong supporters of the Establishment there.

    In the meantime, mainliners have something positive to teach us with some of their political stands but are making themselves obsolete by their penchant for accommodation.

  • Lamont Cranston

    Ralph Reed just straight up lies about whatever he’s paid to lie about.

  • Owen Paun

    Maybe they’ve been supporters of the Establishment, but they haven’t been part of the Establishment. The only recent presidents who might qualify as Evangelicals are Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. If you’re saying they messed everything up, well, no argument ;)

  • Curt Day

    Have to disagree. I don’t see the distinction between those who support and those who become a part of. Supporters are not necessarily the elites but by supporting the system, they become a part of it. And as Church leaders, they ensure that their churches become institutions of indoctrination. And what can be said about them can also be said about Carter and Clinton. So we do have a partial agreement.

  • Jake Dockter

    Evangelicals represented by 3 white dudes. Pretty standard.

  • Joel Kessler

    HAHAHAHAHA. lol. I think that you are right, Mr. Dockter. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Joel Kessler

    I’m still laughing. It might be the beers, but good post.

  • Timothy Weston