J.D. Greear: Preaching Against Homosexuality is Like Preaching Against Slavery

In a stunning example of illogic/false analogy/absurdity, here’s J.D. Greear setting the evangelical movement back about, oh, 150 years by equating preaching against “homosexuality” to preaching against “slavery and racism”:

YouTube Preview Image

This happened, of course, at the Southern Baptist ERLC leadership summit, and it represents an increasingly popular technique on the part of neo-Calvinistic evangelicals to subtly imply that gay relationships or gay marriage are like slavery, the KKK, racism, lynching, etc. Of course, pretending that discrimination and intolerance are somehow a justice and freedom cause does no one any good. And it confirms that folks like J.D. have absolutely zero authentic human relationships with gay people. Because no one who does could make such outlandish and offensive statements.

Happy Saturday.


H/T to Christian Nightmares

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