J.D. Greear: Preaching Against Homosexuality is Like Preaching Against Slavery

In a stunning example of illogic/false analogy/absurdity, here’s J.D. Greear setting the evangelical movement back about, oh, 150 years by equating preaching against “homosexuality” to preaching against “slavery and racism”:

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This happened, of course, at the Southern Baptist ERLC leadership summit, and it represents an increasingly popular technique on the part of neo-Calvinistic evangelicals to subtly imply that gay relationships or gay marriage are like slavery, the KKK, racism, lynching, etc. Of course, pretending that discrimination and intolerance are somehow a justice and freedom cause does no one any good. And it confirms that folks like J.D. have absolutely zero authentic human relationships with gay people. Because no one who does could make such outlandish and offensive statements.

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  • http://www.brandonchase.net/ Brandon Chase

    “Mending Fences” eh? Wow.

  • http://limpingtowardsgrace.com/ James Jarvis

    The only only reason that people like J. D. Greear want to mend fences is to keep people they disagree with on the other other side.

  • http://jesuswithoutbaggage.wordpress.com/ jesuswithoutbaggage

    Would anti-gay preachers have been more likely, or less likely, to preached AGAINST FREEING the slaves 150 years ago? I would say more likely.
    150 years from now perhaps they would preach against condemning gays.

  • http://jesuswithoutbaggage.wordpress.com/ jesuswithoutbaggage

    Yes. Let’s not mend fences; lets take down fences.

  • JohnMyroro

    This would the Southern Baptist Convention that was, literally, founded on its support for slavery.

  • Bruce Moon

    Why the dishonesty? The preacher said preaching against homosexuality “IS ABOUT AS POPULAR AS preaching against slavery.” he is talking about praching what the Bible says vs. acquiescing to the current popular narratives of your times. Why do I even have to say this? Is the irony of all this totally lost on you? You have unwittingly proven his point is true.

  • mirele

    No, the irony is that a Southern Baptist preacher would use the analogy, considering that the SBC was founded in 1845 on the basis of allowing its missionaries to be slaveholders. Greear is trying to cloak himself in the mantle of the abolitionists, when in point of fact, his ancestors in the SBC were virulently anti-abolition.

    Point NOT true.

    Edit: It’s profoundly dishonest for Greear to do this, but no surprise there.

  • Al Cruise

    This shows their true colors. “All men are created equal” Lincoln fell short on that Truth at the end of the civil war. Lee and many of his associates should have been prosecuted for treason and punished. So should have been many other local state officials. A strong effort should have been made to abolish the mentality behind slave ownership/racism and pointing out that that way of life was not providence from God. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and the slave holding mentality is with us today, with a group declaring their superiority over another group based on their influence in the political arena and declaring they are on the right side of God.

  • Tiny Hands

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

    *walks away from laptop, shaking head vigorously, Sunday officially ruined*

  • MrFribbles

    The problem is not whether or not his statement is technically correct – I would say the levels of popularity are more or less similar, as this preacher suggests. The problem is he is equating the anti-marriage rights movement with the anti-slavery movement, when in reality it would be more appropriate to compare them with the anti-abolition perspective.
    Us Christians can spend centuries and centuries convinced that we’re reading the Bible the RIGHT WAY, the ONLY WAY it can possibly be read. This is one of the reasons slavery lasted for as long as it did – because we KNEW that the Bible condoned it; supported it, even. It took brave scholars and speakers to show us that, no, we had been wrong all along. I believe that’s what’s finally happening with regards to homosexuality – and I say this as an evangelical who grew up being taught that homosexuality was always a sin.

  • http://lotharlorraine.wordpress.com/ Lotharson

    Just take a few minute pondering about what neo-Calvinists profess to believe:


    According to them, the Almighty predetermined millions of people to be homosexuals so that he can have a pretext to eternally torment them for showing off his glory.

    These folks are worshiping an evil demon they call God.

  • http://zhoag.com/ zhoag


  • http://zhoag.com/ zhoag

    yes. thanks.

  • Scott

    Very intellectually dishonest of you. But from other writings not surprising.

  • http://zhoag.com/ zhoag

    thanks for this enlightening contribution to the conversation.

  • Levi

    Pssst… Scott… This is the part where you say why you think this is intellectually dishonest. And then we look at your reasons and see if they are valid.