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Zach J. Hoag is an Author, Preacher, and Content Creator who writes and curates here at The Apocalypse Review. You can also catch him at his author blog, zhoag.com.

  • http://www.faithmeetsworld.com/ Rob Grayson

    Awesome! I’ll get my thinking cap on…

  • http://zhoag.com/ zhoag

    would love a post from you rob!

  • sharon peters

    i clicked on pitch a post and get a blank page w/ nothing and nowhere to type or even scroll

  • http://www.faithmeetsworld.com/ Rob Grayson

    Better get to work!

  • http://www.estheremery.com/ Esther Emery

    I’m way into this. But I don’t have anything just now. But I think it’s a great thing and I will definitely want in on it!