The Best Christian Dating Site EVER:

Is this a parody? BECAUSE IT ALMOST ISN’T! Here are parts 1 and 2 of the hilarious spoof by Tripp & Tyler:

Part 1:

YouTube Preview Image

Part 2: 

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think? Is this a startlingly accurate take on dating in Christian Culture?

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  • Lars

    Thank you!! Never heard of these guys before but I’m a fan now! Absolutely pitch perfect and I hope they do more of these. (And that’s a real app, right??)

  • Guy Faulkes

    Perfect! I bet most Xtians who see this are convinced it’s genuine. Especially Mormons and Quiverfull fundies.

  • lmalone

    I hate the be the bearer of bad news but these “Christian” dating sites attract the narcissists and sociopaths like crazy. Just like large churches attract pedophiles. (A detective told me that) They look for places where they can gain instant trust and “forgiveness” is easily given. My goodness the stories I have heard from people who have used them. You might be safer with a Bikers dating site. :o)
    The problem is these sites go to a lot of trouble to hide the bad stuff. Like most of Christendom they slap a plastic fish on it and people fall for it.
    If this one is not a parody, it should be.