Smokin’ Hot…Moms?

Today I’m writing over at my church‘s #BelieveInPlace blog:

My friend Stephanie Drury searches Twitter every Friday night for Christian men talking about going on “date night” with their “smokin’ hot wives.” There is literally an endless number of tweets that emerge from the search, using those exact words. Misogyny and objectification are cultural realities – we know this – but they are also Christian Cultural realities.

So what does that mean for moms?

To say nothing of the harmfulness of rigid gender roles in general, the weight of an objectifying culture on moms in particular is just crushing. The idea that the same body going through the glorious trauma (traumatic glory?) of bringing brand new human beings into the world is also primarily valued for its sexiness according to the male gaze is an absolute travesty. How on earth can someone live with the dual expectation of birthing/mothering/everything else AND being a smokin’ hot wife for culture’s demanding gaze? 

Answer: it’s no way to live.

This culture of misogyny and objectification needs to die. And Jesus’s cross is the perfect way for it to meet its end. [Tweet This]

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