Jimmy Fallon & the Joy of the Lord (Writing at A Deeper Story)

I’m at A Deeper Story today with “Jimmy Fallon & the Joy of the Lord”:

I’m not a super disciplined person.

But recently I’ve taken up a new spiritual discipline, and I’m quite excited about it. At night, when the rest of the family is in bed, I have been regularly and routinely seeking time alone to contemplate and commune with the Divine. You know, like one of the Desert Fathers or a medieval monk cloistered in the prayer closet.

Except my prayer closet is that weird Ikea reclining chair in the living room.

And my spiritual practice is watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. 

When I was a teenager struggling through the isolation of an unhealthy family and church life, I found myself turning to late night comedy shows for comfort and hope.

I know it’s weird, but it’s true. There was something about the cold sarcasm of Letterman that saw my pain and spoke the truth. There was something about the irreverent sketches on Conan O’Brien that offered escape from harmful authority. There was something about the wickedly funny players on Saturday Night Live that toppled all the power games and posturing in my church experiences.

Comedy was a way out.

And truly, the power of all good comedy, especially sarcastic humor, is that it is born from pain and speaks the truth, in order to expose that which causes pain in the first place.

It calls out inequality, oppression, injustice, arrogance.

It does this, often without you even noticing – ironically, satirically, sarcastically.

It does this, all while you are laughing your head off.


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