Roe-ing, Wade-ing, & Reflecting


Today is the 41st anniversary of the landmark decision immortalized as "Roe v. Wade."This may seem like a silly play on words for the sake of a blog metaphor (and one which has probably been done before), but if Roe v. Wade was a changing of the tide, I wonder how we are all doing - as a nation, as a church, as a human race - in these new seas. How are we getting on? Are we sure of ourselves or just wading out a little further into the ocean of safe and legal abortion to see if it all works? … [Read more...]

Richard Rohr on Homosexuality & Fundamentalism

The following is from Richard Rohr's Daily Meditation yesterday:In recent years and elections one would have thought that homosexuality and abortion were the new litmus tests of authentic Christianity. Where did this come from? They never were the criteria of proper membership for the first 2000 years, but reflect very recent culture wars instead. And largely from people who think of themselves as “traditionalists”! (The fundamentals were already resolved in the early Apostles’ Creed and Nicene … [Read more...]