Introducing Faithfindings

During 2015, I didn't do very much blogging here at Patheos. In fact, I quit for a little while, and then came back with an attempt at a new direction that just didn't take.It was a bit of a disorienting year, and the last couple months were especially disorienting. But disorientation can be good. Because it is often precisely the thing that clears out old perspectives to make way for fresh vision. And that fresh vision is coming, slow and steady. In fact, it has taken the form of a l … [Read more...]

On Coming Back (But Don’t Call It a Comeback!)

Sometimes it's time to come back.This blog has been dormant for a few months because I thought it was time to go. And it was. At the time.And all of the reasons for my then-permanent, now-temporary departure are still true, with perhaps one adjustment that has become clear after some time away. Yes, I have a much clearer sense of calling and direction these days, with a better grip on the spaces I want to work and write in (like my new author website/blog, HuffPost, and RNS). And no, I'm … [Read more...]