The Difference Between Faith and Sounding Like an Automaton Droid

This is a guest post by Melanie Dale. Her new book It's Not Fair launches today - and it's great!“You just have to have faith.” “Pray harder.” “Fast more selflessly.” “Wait on God more patiently.” I had big gold stars by all the Christian categories of waiting, and my uterus was still a barren wasteland.I was the man by the pool waiting for a miracle, and day after day, my miracle didn’t come. What do you do when faith “fails”?If you’ve ever gone through a difficult time, you’ve prob … [Read more...]

Disarming Scripture: Cold Water to the Face of Our Biblical Rationalizing

The bottom line is that our interpretation of Scripture needs to coincide with actual reality. - Derek Flood I've recently been digging into Derek Flood's new book Disarming Scripture, and it is a desperately needed word in the raging public dialogue around Christianity and violence.Really, it's a splash of cold water to the face of our biblical rationalizing when it comes to violent and disturbing passages.The quote above appears in Chapter 6, and this chapter is perhaps the lynchpin … [Read more...]