The Strangest Fire

I grew up charismatic, in the 80's and 90's.I grew up in a family that joined a pioneering kind of Pentecostal stream flowing out of the Jesus Movement of the 70's, a stream that had strong pastoral personalities founding brand new churches, some of them mega, and even denominations, schools, TV stations, and seminaries. Part and parcel of this pioneering experience was an atmosphere of resistance from the non-charismatic church. There was a kind of scorn that developed among the Billy … [Read more...]

On Breakthrough

I often like to think about things over and against other things in order to better understand them. This isn't because I want to start fights - I'm trying to be more anabaptist! - but because thinking things through in this way brings a better kind of clarity, one that isn't content to simply see two options or opinions (the black and white) but all the facets of the diamond. The fact is - and the premise of this blog is - that there is truth to be found if we are willing to blaze a trail … [Read more...]