Telling My Story & Naming the Master


On Friday I told a little bit more of my story over at A Deeper Story. Here's an excerpt: Coming to terms with emotional abuse often requires a catalytic experience of some kind – a hardship, a betrayal, a tragedy, a death. It’s the cold water awakening you from the slumber. It’s the shift that triggers a sudden, inescapable eruption of the Real. It’s the heat that brings the truth to a boil. Pretty early on I knew that what I was experiencing was not right. But I suppressed that knowledge in t … [Read more...]

Love & Leadership in a House of Cards


I write this having completed all the chapters but one in House of Cards Season Two.The finale is going down tonight, and I cannot WAIT.While much digital ink could be spilled about this season, and the series as a whole, I thought I 'd offer a couple thoughts about the strange exploration of love and leadership that dominates the S.02 storyline. With Frank and Claire officially "in" the White House, the strategizing, manipulating, dealing, and backchanneling is at an all-time high. And … [Read more...]

Crazy Genesis & the Messy God

The Sacrifice of Isaac CARAVAGGIO (1573-1610)So, I'm attempting to read the Bible in a year (thanks Bible app), and it's a chronological plan, so I've been in Job and Genesis so far. Fact is, I've never actually completed one of these plans. Typically, right about now, I get off track and chuck it, opting for topical and devotional reading instead. And, reading books. And...blogs.It's very unevangelical of me.And not very pastoral at all.But I'm hoping this'll be lucky '13, and so … [Read more...]