Resurrection is the Christian term for defiance

In a wonderful op-ed for The Guardian, Canon Giles Fraser talks about what Easter and resurrection mean for his centuries-old parish in South London: On Sunday morning, just before dawn, a group of us gathered outside church and kindled a small bonfire. From there we passed the flame to a large candle and processed it into the nave – the tentative, flickering light illuminating the dark corners of the building. And from that large candle, we all lit our own individual candles, passing the light … [Read more...]

America Walks the Emmaus Road: Brian Zahnd on the Secular and the Sacred

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 7 of Brian Zahnd’s brand new memoir Water To Wine. Brian has been gracious enough to let me share portions from each chapter every week for the next couple months. Chapter 7 may be the fullest exposition of Bishop BZ's central thesis: that more secularism is precisely what the church doesn't need (and more sacredness is precisely what we do need). And it starts with a timely illustration:A sense of the sacred may be what we need most of all right n … [Read more...]