Some More On Progressive Evangelicals

Yesterday I shared Doug Pagitt's list about progressive evangelicals at Onfaith. My comments may have been interpreted as critique, but that's actually not how I intended them.The fact is, perhaps for the first time ever, I find myself making peace with the idea of being a "progressive evangelical." I've resisted it in the past because of the politicization of the word "progressive" - which, by the way, Doug does a perfect job of expressing in his piece. "Progressive" can be an uncomfortable … [Read more...]

3 Kinds of Evangelicals (Whether They Want That Label or Not)

Rachel Held Evans's new book Searching For Sunday (see my interview with the author here) has sparked a good deal of speculation over what constitutes an evangelical, and whether or not Rachel is one. Without getting into all the details of this particular situation (because just, no), I'd like to propose 3 kinds of evangelicals that I am observing in the U.S. Christian conversation - whether the folks I'm describing would self-identify with that label or not, and whether the folks I'm desc … [Read more...]