#FFFF: Matt Greene

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Is there beauty in the body?┬áNo, I'm not talking about tanned skin and trim waist lines. What I am referring to is the body of Christ. Is there beauty in this body?I have an older brother, he's one of my best friends in this life. He's one of my biggest supporters and he's had a huge influence on me as a writer and musician. But, like any siblings, growing up we had our fair share of disagreements.As a kid I didn't realize he was one of my best friends. I knew I wanted to be like him … [Read more...]

Incarnational Boundaries

As the season of Advent┬árolls on, we inch closer and closer to the moment of release, when our waiting gives way to the celebration of Incarnation.Simply put, Incarnation means embodiment. It's the idea that in the Messiah divinity became forever intertwined with humanity, and the original purpose of the pinnacle of creation - humankind - was reified and super-fulfilled. That is, because of Jesus, our entire embodied reality was affirmed as holy and spiritual, even as we are invited to be … [Read more...]

The Secret to Breakthrough

One night before bedtime, my three year old Gemma and I were talking and the subject of worrying came up. It was a teachable moment, so I put on my best dad-to-kid pontificating voice and explained the concept ever so wisely. I carefully conveyed that we all worry sometimes, and that's OK. It was all going so well until Gemma interrupted:Gemma: Do you worry sometimes?Me: Yeah.Gemma: Well, you just have to be patient, Daddy. You just have to wait.Me: ...Teachable moment, … [Read more...]