Smokin’ Hot Conversations: I’m Attracted to You. All of You.

All summer long, I’ll be running a series of guest posts here on the blog called “Smokin’ Hot Conversations.” These will be posts about gender, relationships, power, and the church, meant to move us to deeper reflection and conversation about the often distracting or harmful messages in Christian culture. Unfortunately, this isn't a guest post - because I wrote it! Sorry 'bout that. (But trust me, it's an awesome post.)And if you’d like to contribute to this series, drop me a line.---I … [Read more...]

Bringing Unsexy Missional Back

Next week, the long-awaited (for folks like me, at least) and much-Internet-heralded #futuregospel event will be happening in Washington, D.C.That is, the first-ever Missio Alliance National Gathering.And if I have one hope for this conference, this meeting of some wonderful and diverse minds, it is this:I hope we can bring unsexy missional back.Now, I'm not saying that Mike Friesen shouldn't dance like Timberlake in front of a lot of people, because he totally should you guys. And … [Read more...]