One Hell of a Motivator

Let's be honest: blogging about hell just isn't that hot anymore.Love Wins is now well over two years old. The battle lines over North American (mainly, neo-reformed) evangelical orthodoxy have been drawn in bold print and ALL CAPS. Universalism, however "hopeful" it may be, has been roundly condemned, if not dismissed, as a heterodox innovation for wussy coward Christians who just don't have the spine for preaching a Jesus who doubles as a concentration camp warden in the world to … [Read more...]

My Nine Eleven

In the spirit of remembrance, here’s what I remember.9/11 was a pivotal spiritual moment. It was a pivotal intellectual moment. And that’s because it was a pivotal cultural moment.22 years old, and I saw things as they happened. Waking slowly in the living room of my grandfather’s house situated on a golf course in South Carolina, and no doubt dreaming of the day’s round, it was hard to believe. Didn’t seem real at first which is to say it didn’t seem that important. I couldn’t figure out … [Read more...]