Political Choices and Decisions For Jesus

As the Republican and Democratic primaries rage on, folks across the country are being faced with a choice. For some that choice is a difficult one; for others it's a matter of sanity versus outright stupidity.And I'll admit, when it comes to the two GOP frontrunners, Decision '16 pretty cut and dry for me: #NeverEither.But these political choices have me thinking about another choice, and maybe the parallel is more obvious than ever in this political season. Namely, the choice, the … [Read more...]

Love Expressed at the House of Grace (Tristan Sherwin)

The following is a post by Tristan Sherwin taken from his book, Love Expressed.It must have been a picture – the pool of Bethesda mentioned by the writer of the fourth Gospel, as described in John chapter 5. A pool of water, mainly stagnant, surrounded by five covered porches, under which sat crowds (John’s words, not mine) of sick people – blind, lame, paralysed. All of them are waiting for one thing; ‘a certain movement of the water’ – this would be the voice that would call all nearby to a … [Read more...]

We’re Never Gonna Survive Unless…We Get a LOT More Jesus-Centered

Back when I was a neo-Calvinist, there was a lot of talk about a "Christological" hermeneutic - or, in laymen's terms, a Christ-centered interpretation of the Bible.The big idea was that we needed to "see Christ in all of Scripture," including the Old Testament, in order to get the Bible right. And this seemed really good and even exciting for a while as we all tried to rethink our understanding of Old Testament stories and characters.King David, we all knew, was a "type" of Christ. But … [Read more...]