Ideology? Pete Rollins, Polarization, & the Denial of a Third Way


Recently, Carl Lentz, pastor of Hillsong NYC, was interviewed on CNN.In the interview, Carl responded to questions about Hillsong's stance on LGBT issues. And his response was to not give a direct "yes or no" kind of answer (which has been his response in other interviews as well). He did say that "gay men and women" are present and welcome at HNYC. But he wouldn't say what the official stance is on gay marriage - and the interviewer highlighted his refusal.There is a lot of conversation … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber & the Superficial American Religion

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Justin Bieber appears at the end of this Christian rap video and talks about God and "grace." What he says is not terrible in itself - nor is it surprising. But, combined with the content of the song, it's indicative of the superficial American religion, entangled in celebrity values and perpetuating theocratic nationalist myths:Assumed in a project like this is a superficial solution of "good life" Christianity - that if one simply "pledges allegiance to God", then America will stop b … [Read more...]

Calling Out Celebrity Christianity [& Counterfeit Justice]

image: instagram A major reality TV producer and a record-breaking Bible miniseries involving famous evangelical leaders.A live televised highwire stunt starring an evangelical daredevil with a famous pastor cameo.A charismatic Seattle pastor posting random hangz with Bieber.And (brace yourself) THIS: are just a few recent blips on the Celebrity Christianity radar. But the love affair between American Christianity and ce … [Read more...]