Marketing the Apocalypse: Left Behind and Commercial Indulgence (Writing at Convergent Books)


I'm at the Convergent Books blog today writing about Left Behind: While it probably doesn’t need to be said, I’ll go ahead and say it. I think the fear being marketed with the appearance of holy intentions is not only completely unholy and driven primarily by commercial profit, but also betrays a perverse enjoyment of superiority over a purely evil “them.” This is the truly destructive nature of rapture theology. It pits a righteous “us” against the “left behind.” The “unbelievers.” Muslim terro … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] The (Terribly Overwrought) Left Behind Move Trailer is Out!


The trailer for the upcoming Left Behind movie is out. And boy, is it ever earnest and fake-intense and terribly overwrought and just aching for blockbuster status. But alas, it will not achieve any such status because it is a "Christian" movie pushing an absurd cultural theology with absurd looking characters and absurd sounding dialogue. But hey, all for the glory, right?!Enjoy: … [Read more...]

Ed Cyzewski: Can We Cancel the Rapture Already?


I know that Nicholas Cage is “starring” in a summer blockbuster that relies on an inevitable and immanent rapture to scare viewers into theaters, but I’m afraid this little end times ruse needs to stop. It’s time to cancel the rapture.Really. We’ve milked this biblically suspect, historically bankrupt, literary abomination of a doctrine long enough.Did we really need a remake of the first Left Behind movie in the first place? Did we even need the first Left Behind movie after the books? … [Read more...]