Katelyn Beaty compares Trump evangelicals to Mark Driscoll

In an op-ed for the New York Times, Christianity Today editor Katelyn Beaty makes an interesting comparison between the kinds of evangelical leaders that follow Trump and those who might follow or resemble Mark Driscoll: But there are evangelical leaders with whom Trump would feel quite at home. Like him, they are middle-aged men who refuse to submit to basic checks on their power and ego...So long as there is growth, many evangelicals hesitate to address clear and troubling signs of … [Read more...]

Hard To Kill: More on the Mega-Multisite Church from Ruth Graham

Ruth Graham is over at Slate today talking about the aftermath of the Mars Hill multisite dissolution - and the continued momentum of both the individual churches and Mark Driscoll's ministry. She's basically saying: multi-site megachurches are hard to kill.In her words:[T]he bottom line is that while the central organization may be dead, many of its fruits—the smaller congregations that once shared the name Mars Hill—have survived. Now, all of those individual churches have been set lo … [Read more...]