The Death of Christian Idealism: a Reflection on Preston Yancey


Preston Yancey is young.Well, relative to me anyway.I'm pretty sure he's ten years my junior which both solidifies the already pretty solid fact that I am cresting the fearsome peak of mid-life (and making damn good time), and confirms my suspicion that "millennials," however one establishes the birthdate range, are truly a generation behind those of us who took a few breaths in the 70's. Which means they are far from peaking: they are a generation on the rise.Preston's first book is … [Read more...]

#FFFF: Reformation Catalysts: Will Millennials Save the Church?

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This is a Free-Form Follow Friday Guest Post by Sara Blakeney. Bio at the bottom.When the Israelites rebuilt the temple during the reign of King Ezra, many of the elders who remembered the grandeur of Solomon’s temple wept aloud. But others shouted for joy as they saw the temple’s foundation being laid, because they knew that the rebuilding represented a new era. The result was an indistinguishable cacophony of rejoicing and weeping that could be heard for miles. (Ezra 3:10-13)I’m heari … [Read more...]